Welcome to Hillersden

Introducing New Zealand’s Newest Tradition

In 1850, the government of New Zealand planned a small township called Hillersden in the Upper Wairau Valley, Marlborough. For the next 70 years and up until the end of WWII the location thrived growing into the nations largest flax milling township. When the mill closed the town slowly dissipated, the signs were taken down, and the once great town forgotten.
In 2013 husband and wife Bruce and Marian Forlong traded city lives to plant their roots in the alluvial soil of Marlborough, New Zealand. Their vineyard has blossomed and grown in the once abandoned and unforgiving landscape of the upper Wairau Valley, and has been nurtured with their passion and undaunted love of wine. Hillersden is a fully sustainable operation, crafting wine with the highest environmental
standards, and creating a new legacy for the modern wine lover.

To find out more about Hillersden, read their page: Wine Portfolio.